Cabrinha S Quad 2017

R 15,490.00


Now in its fifth (5) version the S:Quad is back with all of its great power surfing performance and a couple of improvements. This year’s SQuad features our signature parabolic ridge design which creates a double concave deck for a positive foot platform when riding strapless. The Parabolic Ridge increase the deck thickness without making the rail thicker which gives you a better grip on the rail and increases the board durability.

The SQuad has a narrow outline which makes it great for riding fast and pushing hard in the turns and is ideally suited for down the line waves in side shore or side-offshore wind conditions. The quad fin arrangement is surfing’s tried and tested configuration for fast and powerful surfing. The SQuad can be ridden with or without straps.

  • Power surfing performance.
  • Signature parabolic ridge design.
  • Double concave deck.
  • Nice grip on the rail for performing strapless tricks.
  • Includes four (4) RTM fins, deck pod pads & mounting hardware.


  • Ideally suited for down the line waves in side shore or side-offshore wind conditions.


5’7” 18.5” 2.11” 22.3L
5’9” 19.1” 2.21” 24.7L


Bamboo Sandwich Tech:

  • All 2017 surfboards feature our unique Bamboo / Cork Sandwich Technology.
  • This technology implements a lightweight EPS core, wrapped with flexible and durable bamboo and cork reinforcement.

Pod Pads:

  • Strategically placed hex shaped pods of EVA cover only the most crucial section of the board to allow easy repositioning of your feet.
  • The hex pads are hollow to reduce weight.


  • Our Hex Core RTM fins are high performance fins made with a hex core and glass.
  • This fin has a stiffer base and a moderately soft tip and provides excellent drive.

Quad Fin Set-up

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