Jobe Conflict Wakeboard

R 9,200.00

A blended core made out of paulownia wood and PU are the perfect blend between flex and strength: it’s your ultimate park board.

The unique crossover channel set-up give you an exciting playful feeling on the water and features.

Its 3-stage-rocker give you the ultimate release in the air and its wide shape softens and stabilizes your landings: the perfect mix for both air tricks & features. Innovative press technology help to maintain speed and stability and offer maximum controlled flex to lock into pressures. Available in green en blue.


  • The Conflict is a constant performer .
  • A park board that’s also strong behind the boat .
  • 3-stage-rocker for the ultimate release .
  • ABS sidewall & H.I.T. base for protection.
  • Blended core: perfect blend between flexibility and strength.
  • Press technology: lock into presses.
  • Triaxial give flex and lightness on the rails.
  • Julian Cohen’s pro model and choice.

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