O'Brien Spark 2017

R 5,681.00

Tarah Mikacich’s incessant desire for fun on the water has met its match with the fun-filled ride of the Spark. With its thinned out Feather Core, 3-Stage Rocker, and full step-down rail, the Spark sits a little deeper in the water; delivering effortless edge control and a predictable, punchy pop off the wake that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. With a triple concave hull and a Delta Base, the Spark has everything a pro rider wants, but is also the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stable platform to progress their riding.


  • 3 STAGE ROCKER: This rocker line is generally flatter between the bindings but dramatically angles upward towards the tip and tail. This explosive rocker line generates a more aggressive and vertical pop off the wake.
  • FEATHER CORE: Built for pure boat performance! Feather Core reduces the board’s swing weight for more midair control, while simultaneously maintaining its profile up the face of the wake for maximum pop.
  • DELTA BASE: “Chevron” shaped channels molded into the tip and tail of the board reduce drag for faster edging and a cleaner release off the wake.
  • 6mm Inserts: All O’Brien wakeboards are equipped with industry standard 6 millimeter inserts so if TSA loses your hardware or it falls off the dock… Borrow some from your buddy and keep shredding.


Length Width Rocker Stance Wt. Limit Fin Set-Up
Spark 133 133cm / 52.4” 42.7cm / 16.8” 2.37 3-Stage 21 23 25 90-170lbs Spine 0.5
Spark 137 137cm / 53.9” 43.2cm / 17” 2.55 3-Stage 22 24 26 140-220lbs Spine 0.5

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