Vanhunks Wendo Full Carbon

R 2,295.00

The Wendo SUP Paddle is manufactured with the latest innovation paddle design in mind. Both shaft and blade are made from carbon for maximum durability and performance. The 100% 3K pre-preg carbon blade eliminates blade flutter and makes it extremely stable for fast catch and water release. The 100% 3K pre-preg carbon shaft offers optimum shaft stiffness for incredible stroke power.

The Wendo comes in three sizes (8.0, 8.5, 8.7) to suit every rider’s demands. It doesn’t matter whether you’re racing or SUPing in waves – the Wendo will accelerate your riding!

The 8.0 round shaft is designed for all round SUPing and suits best light to medium weight riders.

The 8.5 oval shaft offers a great compromise between high frequency and power strokes. It is designed for medium to heavy riders. This paddle is your best choice for SUPing in waves.

The 8.7 round shaft is the most powerful paddle in our range. It is designed for heavy riders looking for a powerful stroke. It is a great tool for SUP-racing.


    • 100% 3K Pre-Preg Carbon Shaft.
    • 100% 3K Pre-Preg Carbon Blade.
    • Light Weight.

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